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JOHNNY : Vocal, Bass
SEIJI : Guitar, Vocal
RYU : Guitar, Vocal
TAKE : Drums, Vocal
2016年、Johnny自身が主に海外での活動を視野に入れたプロジェクトの一環として『JOHNNY PANDORA』を結成。すぐさまフランス、イングランド、ドイツを周り、ヨーロッパツアーを敢行。世界への挑戦を開始する。2度目の海外ツアーにしてロッカーにとっての伝説の聖地「ACE CAFE LONDON」での公演も果たす。Johnny個人としては2017年もフランス、香港でのイベントへのゲスト出演。またバンドでは同年夏に東南アジアツアーを敢行。マレーシア、インドネシアでの公演を行い、何千人の観客を前に演奏し絶賛、確実にアジア圏での知名度を高める結果となった。


His slogan is:
“NOBODY CAN’T STOP ROCK’N ROLL Black hair, Black eyes, Black leather, This is SAMURAI ROCK’N ROLL”
As the last Rock’n Roll samurai in Japan, Johnny pledges to keep Japanese Rock’n Roll alive in the heart of the Tokyo.

"Johnny” Daigo Yamashita, started his musical journey in Tokyo at the age of 18 after first encountering Rock’n Roll during junior high. He followed his new passion and released his first CD in 2011, titled Jeana For Young. He went solo soon after the success of his first album and now is a mainstay performer throughout Tokyo and other major metropolitan cities around the world. He is known around Japan for his unique style as well as his attractiveness. International rockabilly fans expect big things out of him, especially since he is one of the few successful young and promising rockabilly singers in the world. He is making his own new Rock’n Roll sound by infusing traditional Japanese music styles with specialty music of his own rock roots such as rockabilly, punk, and blues. He calls his musical style SAMURAI ROCKN’ ROLL. He wanted to capture the essence of his warrior ancestors. By mixing Japanese culture with western Rock’n Roll, Johnny was able to transform the Japanese music scene with his creation of SAMURAI ROCKN’ ROLL.

Not only is he an accomplished musician and composer, but he also has worked as a professional actor, singer, dancer and model. He has just finished his 2nd album and you can find Johnny performing around the world with his band JOHNNY PANDORA. He will be performing in major cities throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, as well as throughout Japan. He will continue to work hard spreading his original Japanese Rock’n Roll culture around the world.

2013 “3.1 Phillip Lim” promotional video
2016 “BEAMS” commercial for 40th anniversary
2017 'Johnny Jeana : Portrait of a Tokyo Rockabilly' documentary about him on NOWNESS
2018 He and his song ‘ROCK ME BABY’ was featured in “SAPPORO BEER CANADA” TV commercial
2018 5 Seconds Of Summer MV ’Youngblood’, main lead actor